Children in Ukraine

need your help

Despite the war and all connected challenges we CAN improve the lives of Ukrainian children together with you!

We Are Proud To Report

100% of all sponsorships and donations we received in 2022, January and February 2023 went directly to help vulnerable children in Ukraine! Not a cent was spent on salaries or admin needs from the funds we received from you, our dear donors and supporters!


About Us

Despite the horrible war we support Ukrainian children to have childhood today and a better future tomorrow. Please join us to make sure Ukrainian children are safe, healthy, educated, self-confident and empowered

A success story from 2004

In 2004, in a rural Ukrainian orphanage, our team met Natasha, a 10 y.o. orphan. She was a sad girl, did not know her biological parents, and did not have any relatives or siblings. We knew that without outside help – Natasha was waiting to join the sad statistics of orphanage graduates in Ukraine. We immediately enrolled Natasha in our sponsorship program. Fortunately, her first sponsor from Arizona chose her fairly quickly and then another sponsor joined forces to help Natasha. Because of their sponsorship, Natalia was able to thrive, stay in school and focus on personal development and be as happy as a child in an orphanage can be. She knew she was not alone and that some people in faraway America cared for her and wanted to support her needs Read More…

Partner With Us

We welcome volunteers to join our team! There are many ways you can support our mission, including one-time opportunities, ongoing partnerships and promoting our program


Transparency and accountability are the core principles of our operations. We protect the trust you placed in us as stewards of your generosity. We’re constantly striving to use your funds responsibly and efficiently. In 2022 our goal is that 90% of all donations received will be spent for children and no more than 10% towards fundraising and administrative costs. Read More…