The war in Ukraine obviously changed the focus of our work. We currently operate in 4 selected communities in Ukraine, which were chosen in October 2022. In February 2023 we launched an additional new project in one of the de-occupied war areas of Ukraine.

In addition to individual child sponsorships we implement general projects supporting the vulnerable children in these 4 communities. From December 1, 2022 till March 1, 2023 no less than 278 Ukrainian orphans, children living near war frontlines, children with disabilities, children who lost one or both parents in the war, children who had to evacuate due to the war, children from extremely poor families received assistance and sponsorship support through our program. 

First community is the South-Eastern region of Ukraine, not far from the battlefield line. See video/photo reports from first focus area.

Second focus region is a traditionally poor area in the center of Ukraine, which accepted a big flow of internally displaced families with children from the war areas. See video/photo reports from second focus area.

Third and fourth focus areas are in western Ukraine which accepted many internally resettled families with children and includes a remote mountain village, historically very poor.  War and job difficulties brought poverty to a new, most acute level. See video/photo reports from third and fourth focus areas.