Our child sponsorship is a special program where we connect Ukrainian children in need with generous and kind-hearted people like you. Sponsorship gives children an understanding that somebody far away cares about them, that they are not alone and compassionate people are ready to support them in their troubled life, creating an environment where the interests of each child is the focus. Sponsorship helps a Ukrainian child in need live through a true childhood: with presents, laughter, good food, great school, no pain, lots of joy. Sponsorship provides these children with basic necessities such as food, clothing, healthcare, school supplies, and other education support. 

Sponsorship also gives you a special meaning of pride and joy as you reach out to those less fortunate and establish a relationship with them. By sponsoring a child you build their strength and confidence and give the child a chance to grow up healthy, educated and safe – forever changing their life and future. Sponsored children will stay healthier and achieve a higher level of education, which leads to a better chance at economic security as adults. Becoming a sponsor and selecting your future friend is a wonderful and rewarding experience, giving your chosen child hope for a better future!