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Anastasia’s parents were engaged in pottery. When the child was 3 years old, her parents got divorced, the daughter stayed with her mother. But she suffered a psychological trauma as she loved her father very much. The father has a new family,he does not pay any alimony, does not take part in raising the child, does not maintain any contact. In order to feed the child, the mother started to work in a grocery store in the village where they lived. The woman grows vegetables by herself, she buys clothes in second hand shops. Since early childhood Anastasia has had a health condition, atopic dermatitis, therefore suitable healthy diet and expensive medication for the treatment are needed. The girl is very fond of drawing and doing needlework. She participates in creative contests and she took the first place in the "Talented Children of Ukraine"contest. Mother, in search of better earnings, changed many jobs, she had to go to big cities (Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Kharkiv) and leave the child with her grandmother. When the war started, the mother lost her job in the city, but she was lucky enough to find a job back home, where she receives a minimum wage, half of which is spent on paying utilities bills. The daughter studies at school in year 7. She does well at school and dreams of becoming a professional photographer in the future. Anastasia is trying to collect some money for a camera (the money that is given to her on her birthday or that her mother gives her for pocket expenses).

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Anastasia ID:4174

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