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Anastasia lives in a large family, in a small town remotely located 100 km from a large city. Anastasia is sensible and hardworking. Anastasia likes comics, needlework and drawing. Anastasia lives with her mother, father and two younger brothers aged 10 and 6. Anastasia always takes care of them and helps them in everything. The family lives below the subsistence level of about 200 USD per month total income.  After February 24, 2022 the war started everything changed horribly… Anastasia became very anxious and restless. She also had to leave her native home with her mother and brothers and go to a safer place. Because of worries and stress Anastasia began to get sick very often and needs expensive medicines. Anastasia has hearing problems and needs regular examination in the capital. Healthy vitamin nutrition, warm clothes and shoes, materials for drawing and needlework – these are the important needs of Anastasia. The family is waiting for support from sponsors. This support will help her to improve Anastasia  health and make her dreams come true.
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Anastasia ID:7267

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