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Hello! lHello! l am Anastasia. When the war started, our mother sent me and my sister with her best friend to Germany, where we stayed for about 6 months. Since we don’t have a father, and my mother is alone, she didn’t go with us, because she was taking care of my father’s parents. We returned to Ukraine at the beginning of August. I love to draw, I draw my favorite cartoon characters with pencils and markers. I am a 10th grade student, I work from the phone in online lessons, I go to a tutor for the Ukrainian language and I want to go to a tutor for the English language and I am already preparing for the external examination. Our family is going through hard times because of the war, loss of jobs, businesses, everything in Ukraine. I need a computer for on-line studying, where all my online textbooks will be because, unfortunately, our school did not issue textbooks to all 10th grade students. We have other needs.  We would be grateful for any help!

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Anastasia ID:5391

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