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Anastasia’s family needs support. Anastasia wrote in her letter: My mom said I could write to you. I like having new friends. My family consists of my mom, my oldest brother and me. I have only two reasons to be sad – the war and my brother’s disease. He is the one with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Couple days ago, my brother turned 18th. I love my brother very much! It’s a pity, he lost his ability to walk many years ago, before my birth. Almost all of his time he spends at home. About me – my friends say that I am kind and obedient girl. I am trying to find some magician to make my dreams true.  We all live in the west of Ukraine. I love my small, but nice native city very much. I’m studying at 2 nd grade. I like to study, it’s so interesting! Because of the war we don’t always have lights now and I miss school then. I have many friends there, I like to get knowledge, I like our classroom, I like my kind teacher, school breaks). I study English at school too.
 I love my mom very much! She is the best of the best! I try to help my mom and my brother only as I can. My mom must be home, support my brother 24/7 – to wash him, to dress him, to feed him, to help in all routine that people have every day, because all my brother can do is with his hands. I would like to ask God or some magician to make my brother healthier. I would like to tell you, I have many talents, at least, my teachers said that. I love to paint! Recently, I have my own exhibition of paintings at school! I love to make different clay figures. Unfortunately, the main part of our family money we have to spend on my disable brother and his needs and now with war it all changed for the worse.  I can’t attend classes as often as I wish because my mom explained they became expensive for us.  I understand. I know I should be patient and wait for better times for our family. And I love to make hand-made jewelry from beads! My brother and I often make hand- made jewelry. And we try to sell them and to help our mother.
We make jewelry in Ukrainian national symbols. I am afraid of the air-raid warnings we have now. We hope everything will be good. I’m happy if you read my letter.
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Anastasiya ID:6141

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