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Andriy lived happily with his family in the south of Ukraine.  Their city came under heavy bombardment and attacks after the war started. The mother and Andriy were pushed to leave their town immediately on February 24 but the dad stayed in town. He works at a strategic
facility – a railway. Now he has a lot of work to restore the railway tracks. That’s
why Andriy and his father rarely saw each other even before the war, now they are fully separated. Andriy studies in the 1st grade. Sometimes he goes to school, but most often they have online lessons for those students whose parents have computers and electricity. On the days when Andriy and the other kids are in school during air raids we have to study in the basement. Andriy is interested in many things and he likes drawing more.  When the opportunity arises – Andriy’s drawings are passed to Ukraine’s defenders on the front lines. They were evacuated to a village, need means for heating their house, which is financially problematic as firewood and coal are very expensive now.
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Help Children In Ukraine

Andriy ID:4672

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