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The first phase of the Ukraine – Russia war touched Angelina’s life back in 2014, when she was 3 years old. At that time she lived together with her mother in the east of Ukraine, a small town. Explosions were heard very loudly, they sounded every day without a stop. In spite of Angelina’s familiarity with the war when the full scale invasion started in February 2022 a rocket from the “hail” arms system hit the building in front of her house and the windows of the family’s apartment broke in her room when she went to bed. It was at that time that the family decided to evacuate, but they chose a wrong location that turned unsafe afterwards. As war actions developed
Angelina’s family were increasingly worried for their safety and spent many days in the basements, it was cold and dark, everything on the street was shaking from the explosions, and Angelina was very fearful. Having taken very few things with them, Angelina’s family got into a car with strangers and went into the unknown, but most importantly away from the horrors of war. Angelina’s mom had to change housing several times during the past six months. Finally Angelina’s family wound up in a house in the village of a western Ukrainian region. The family does not have enough money and needs help. Angelina and her family try to stay positive, live on, hoping the war will end soon!

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Angelina ID:6564

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