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Anna came from the south of Ukraine where there is fighting.
Anna liked going to kindergarten and playing outside with her friends. But the war began war, and she and her family had to go to another place in Ukraine where it was a little calmer. Anya was very afraid when she heard explosions, the girl was very scared, and so she cried a lot. Anya and her parents had to pack quickly, take the essentials and to leave. Now Anya is in the village, she went to first grade here, and has new friends. Anya needs warm winter clothes, because it is very cold here and from that often gets sick. Anya was in the hospital when she first arrived in the village. Because the house is cooler and the floors are colder, she caught a kidney cold. Anya and her family are hoping for your help. The family has a monthly income of $200.

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Help Children In Ukraine

Anna ID:7110

Donation Total: $39.00 Monthly