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I am Artem. My dad died in the war with Russia, early stage. My dad’s name is Kolya. I miss him. In February we moved from my native city in northern Ukraine to the village when the war started. We were under occupation for a month. I was scared and had nothing to eat. These Russian soldiers went every day to our house, they took away our food, shot from guns and fired from tanks. They let me hold a grenade, and then my mother cried. Felt sorry for my mother, because my little brother was to be born to her at that time. I heard not only the sounds of weapons at night, but also my mother’s cry every night, how she quietly cried into the pillow, but I heard. I want to ask for help for my family. We don’t have proper clothes, I always want candy. These occupiers have taken away almost all our electrical appliances, including the TV. My mother is on maternity leave, we have no money.

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Help Children In Ukraine

Artem ID:4847

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