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My son’s name is Arthur. There is also a sister who is 5 years older. We live in the beautiful but very remote mountain village. Our village is small and, unfortunately, limited in many ways. For example, this year my son entered the first grade at our local school. It is wonderful that there is a school in the village, that the child does not have to travel far, but, unfortunately, it is poorly equipped for the good development of children. The school does not have a gym to get good physical training, the school does not have a canteen, so the child is forced to eat dry food for most of the day. The school is uninsulated, so it’s cold, because of this the child often gets sick, and since our family is not financially secure, the costs of treatment fall heavily on the family budget. My husband and I are officially employed, but our family income is 254 USD. There is a war in our country, because of this, the purchase of food (approximately 150USD) and the payment of utility services (approximately 30USD) are expensive for us, and we have to save for more than one month to pay for the purchase of firewood for heating (approximately 500USD). We have an old house that needs repairs, but for which there are absolutely no funds. We often do not have enough for new things, and we are not talking about joint family leisure time. I really want to improve my son’s living and education conditions. But, despite everything, the first thing I wish for is the long-awaited peace and prosperity of our country in the near future.

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Artur ID:4981

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