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Bogdan comes from a city that got under shelling from summer 2022. Bogdan’s house was bombed. Bogdan recalls: “At the beginning days of the war, it was calm in my hometown. Then, in July, constant shelling from the occupied area began. Almost every night we hid in a bomb shelter. And one terrible night, a shell hit our apartment. Destroying a significant part of our housing and my room. We were saved by the fact that we spent the night in a bomb shelter, our housing became unsuitable for living in. We were forced to leave. Due to the fact that the city is still subject to daily shelling, we decided to leave for a safer place. I continued to study at my home school online. Now I’m in 6th grade. It’s hard to learn in a war. Constant air raid alerts, blackouts, no internet. You have to constantly adapt to the situation. I work a self with school material. In 2020, he took part in the school city Olympiad in mathematics.
I really enjoy making robotics.  Was Engaged in the creation of computer games. I like to collect the designer “Lego”. I Interested in making short Lego films. I dream in the future to create a computer game and become a programmer.
This family is asking for help, because, is in a difficult situation. Thay have temporary housing, our own housing is destroyed, things are destroyed. Bogdan really needs a used computer. Because his parents don’t work now now. Mom takes care of Bogdan’s little sister, and dad is left without a job because of the war.
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Help Children In Ukraine

Bogdan ID:6837

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