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Daniil peacefully lived with his parents in a city of Donbass (eastern) area of Ukraine. Daniil is lucky with a truly friendly family. Daniil tells us his story on what happened on February 24: “I was sleeping in my room and woke up to explosions coming from everywhere. Rockets were destroying my city. My mother started dressing me and packing my things. I asked my mother – was it war? Mom answered, yes – the war had started. Every day there was more shelling. Evacuation was announced in my city. And my mother and I were forced to evacuate but my dad stayed behind and I was very worried about him. But I could not leave our dog!” Now during his evacuation Daniil goes to school, unfortunately, online and rarely due to power outages all the time. He studies in the 1st grade and has made friends. But Daniil’s dream is to return to his home in his hometown. Daniil’s family suffered serious financial losses and need help. Per today – even for food. Daniil likes to draw and tries to do well in school. Daniil says: “Because when I grow up I dream of becoming a doctor. And now I have one dream – for the war to end, for everyone to come home. And that people stop dying”.

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Daniil ID:6057

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