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My name is Danilo. I live in the eastern area of Ukraine. After my dad died in the war on the frontlines on June 30, 2022, my mother and sister Dasha and I left our city. We are now temporarily further evacuated to another country, but I really want the war to end soon and we return home to Ukraine. My sister is 11 years old and she was very afraid when she heard explosions. We were given a room in a small city hotel together with other Ukrainian refugees. Grandma and Grandpa did not leave Ukraine – they are waiting for us there. These are my mother’s parents. We have a very old house in Ukraine, it needs repairs and renovation – I really want my mother and I to be able to afford it one day, of course it’s out of the question now. This is a very old house. My dad himself repaired it partially before he died: he changed the walls, floors and began to make a bathroom in the house. His friends helped him. I really want them to help us finish the renovation that dad started and that my mom and sister and I live in a cosy, warm house. I already imagine what my room will be like. But most of all I want peace and an end to the war.

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Danilo ID:5730

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