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Hello! I was born and live not far from Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. Our area was hit hard by the war. Almost from the first days of the war, my village was occupied, so I moved with my parents to the west region. There I continued my studies online. In May we returned home, I finished the 9 th grade and received a certificate. I really like to draw and that’s why I decided to go to college to major in «Architecture». Education has to be paid for, but it is difficult for my family financially at the moment, since my mother is temporarily out of work, and the company where my father works first reduced production, now stopped.  I need pencils, paints, brushes, various paper formats. I also like to read, take a little photo and sculpt from polymer clay. In my spare time, I like to cook various sweets together with my mom. I have a dream to attend a concert of my favorite band or artist.

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Darya ID:4941

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