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David is an orphan. He is currently brought up in a foster family. David has biological parents, but unfortunately, they lead an antisocial lifestyle and after many attempts to help them were removed parental rights. His biological parents do not take any part in his life anymore. Since the beginning of the war with Russia, which began on February
24, 2022, David has been under foster care. The family lives in north-central area of Ukraine.  
The foster family’s city was not directly submitted to the enemy invasion, but
David unfortunately had to see and learn what war is. He should not have experienced it.  Unfortunately, David had a traumatic experience such as hearing the cannonade from missile explosions and how air defense works. He also saw many times the
flights of enemy planes. Even though is only 5 years old, David is
well aware of what’s going on, it is impossible to protect him from these non-children horrors. His foster parents are doing everything possible to help David to adjust to a
new life in his new setting, but they need support for him.
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David ID:6230

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