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Diana lives with three more siblings, two older sisters and a younger sister. The house where they all live does not belong to the family. Indeed the house is very old and made from сlay. There is no gas or running water. The children’s father has a disability. Diana’s mother has to travel 9 miles to get to work. Diana’s mother has been an orphan since her childhood. The three youngest children have to walk every day to the main road for 3 miles. On the main road they are trying to hitchhike (common in rural Ukraine) to get to their school. The school is located in a district center. They have to drive 7 miles more to get there. Since the beginning of the war with Russia the school in the village has not opened due to the lack of a bomb shelter. Diana studies in the 5th grade. She is a hardworking and diligent girl.
Diana takes an example from older sisters to study very well. She always helps with chores around the house. Diana is the shyest girl among all the girls. Diana’s family are in a difficult situation. They need money for food. The average monthly income of the family is $250. This includes mother’s salary and father’s pension. Every month they have to pay $150 for the education of Diana’s older sister Victoria – family puts high value into education, they understand education is what will get the children out of cycle of poverty.
Diana, like all girls her age, wants to wear nicer clothes and shoes.

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Diana ID:5352

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