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Dimytro is a kind, friendly and intelligent boy who lives in the northern region of Ukraine, in a small town near the Belarusian border and near the sadly famous Chernobyl nuclear power station, in a small house with his mother and grandmother.
Since the beginning of the war, due to rocket attacks on the community and damage to the house where Dmytro lived, the whole family was forced to move to a safer place in the west of Ukraine. Dimytro experienced a lot of stress and his health deteriorated significantly. Dimytro was admitted to the hospital and hospitalized for 3 weeks. Dimytro had a lung disease: pneumonia with suspected bronchial asthma. After leaving the hospital, the mother continued consultations with doctors and examination of Dimytro in order to find out for sure the state of Dmytro’s health. During the examinations, it turned out that Dimytro’s eyesight had deteriorated. Dimytro was prescribed reading glasses,  diagnosed with an allergic reaction to dust, which causes asthma attacks. Therefore, now Dimytro is undergoing long-term and expensive treatment with allergen-specific immunotherapy (ASIT). This year Dimytro started going to school in the same community. Dmytro studies well. His favorite subjects are Maths and English. Dimytro also attends English classes and a chess club, likes dancing and assembling constructors very much.
Now Dimytro’s family has returned to their hometown, they have repaired the house with their own efforts and with the help of the community. Dimytro’s mother works two jobs to ensure proper treatment, food, and accommodation for the boy. Dmytro now needs an examination and consultation with an immunologist and an ophthalmologist to determine whether the treatment he is receiving is effective. Due to the threat of rocket attacks and constant power outages, consultations with doctors are quite problematic at the moment. Dmytro lives in a small town where there are no such specialists. So, he and his mother have to go to the regional center 100 kilometers away. These are also additional costs. So the needs support, they cannot afford to do it themselves.

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Dmytro ID:7365

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