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Katya-HCIUEkaterina has been living with her grandparents since 2010, when her mother left to arrange her private life after a divorce from her husband and never returned. Bio mom did not provide any help, she is occasionally interested at the child’s life by phone.
Father (who died in 2021) had abandoned her years ago and did not even pay alimony. Grandparents independently raised and provided for the child, arranged her in a kindergarten, schools, treated her (Katya grew up a sickly girl), and also tried to provide her with everything necessary, as they could. Ekaterina, on the other hand, grows up as a diligent and hardworking child, is successful in her studies, attended a music school, and actively helps with household chores. However, Ekaterina’s grandparents are already pensioners, their total monthly income is about 250 US dollars, which is almost all spent on food, utility bills and maintenance of the household. Since the beginning of the war in Feb. 2022, inflation in Ukraine got really bad, so there is a catastrophic lack of funds. Ekaterina’s grandma actively helps other displaced people. She shared everything they had with six different families (some lived for several days in the first days of the war, and three families lived for more than 5 months), now they have a family from Zaporizhzhia. They are kind people and need help.

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Help Children In Ukraine

Ekaterina ID:6762

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