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Hi! My name is Eva. I’m in the 7th grade. Every day I walk 2 km to the bus stop to get to school. I’ve had enough of distance learning, it’s hard and I don’t get enough knowledge, I really want to go to school with my friends and classmates. When there is an air-raid siren, we go down to the basement, where it is very cold. Air alarms are frequent and last for several hours. I often catch a cold and get sick all the time. I live with my grandmother, father, mother and little brother. Dad was let go from work when the war started and now he is unemployed. It’s impossible for him to find a job in the village. My mum takes care of my brother, he is 6 months old. I also spend all my free time with my brother, helping my mom, I play with him. I like painting, but since the war started I hardly ever painted because the prices have gone up and we buy only the most
necessary things.

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Eva ID:7019

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