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Please help my daughter Eva, I’m her mother, Tanya. On the photo she is happy, but that was before the war. Eva is a smart 9 year girl, very responsible and arty. Eva likes to read a lot and to learn English. We learn English together. We are from east of Ukraine and when the war began we moved to the basement of our friends’ house. Eva is a very sensitive kid and when we became the witnesses of the houses’ explosions near us (not once being in the nightwear only Eva and I ran away from the russian fighter planes) Eva began blinking (by her eyes) and stopped sleeping. So I decided to move to a quieter place in the west of Ukraine. But even here my daughter shivers and begins crying when hears a sudden crash. The kid of the war – such as she is. We are a family of four – thanks to God, but all of us lost our jobs because of war. My husband tries to earn here and there but now it is very hard to find a job in the war conditions. I have a government benefit – 200 usd  /each month for my kids and me and it is our main benefit now, but we need to pay our bills: for heating/water/gas/electricity. Eva is not the only kid, I have a 4 years boy. The products and medicine increased in price highly. Besides, winter is coming and the kids need warm clothes.  Eva still believes in Santa and the only wish she put in her letter to Santa “return home and not to hear the fighter plane’s noise anymore”. Think that the wishes come true. The strength of the kid’s belief helps to live further.

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Eva ID:4882

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