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Ilia lives in a small town in the north of Ukraine. Ilia has a large family: a father, a mother, an older sister and a brother. The family has low income even by local standards. It is less than the subsistence minimum, which is approximately 200 US dollars a month. Ilia used to be a smiling, joyful and fast boy. Ilia attends kindergarten and has many friends, likes drawing and assembling constructors. After February 24, 2022, Ilia changed. Ilia became aggressive, cried every night, was very afraid because the war had come to the town. Airplanes were flying, loud explosions of bombs and rockets could be heard. The family was hiding in the corridor. Ilia cried and said that didn’t want war, didn’t want to die. Later, the family left for a safer place. They had to save on everything: food, clothes, toys. Unfortunately, the experienced stress took its toll: at the age of 6, Ilia began to speak very poorly. To help Ilia, the mother began to visit a speech therapist and a neurologist with him. Ilia needs medicine and vitamins. The family is very dependent on the support of sponsors. This support will help to realize the dreams of Ilia, make his childhood happy and carefree. This will help to improve the psycho-emotional state of Ilia.

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Iliya ID:7273

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