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Hello! I was born in a small town in western Ukraine. My mom is ill, she has asthma, serious form and I have lymphostasis and very weak immunity. We have no father, but my family also has a younger sister Uliana (10 years old) and a brother Bohdan (4 years old). My mother doesn’t work, she takes care of us and of her health.
I am a pupil of the 5-th form of local school. We don’t attend school now because of the war and lack of electricity, but we study online. We have air alerts, so frequent. It’s difficult to study as we don’t have a computer but only one Mom’s phone for our lessons.
I like reading books about technology. I have some friends and spend a lot of time
with them.  It’s forbidden for me by local doctors to run, to play football or ride a bike. Besides, it’s difficult to find and buy proper shoes. This summer I was operated on for the third time in Kyiv. Though operations didn’t give a good result. It’s a pity, I have asthma as a complication.  And now we need  money to deal with my mom and mine health issues. My dream is to recover soon and to be strong and healthy. And for the war to end. I believe my dream will come true.
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Illia ID:6281

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