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Ilona lives in a very poor family with four children. Ilona lives in the northern region of Ukraine, close to the Belarusian border and sadly known Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It’s a very remote village of the community, far from the district center. Many people have left the village after the nuclear power plant exploded. Ilona has three brothers. The main income of the family is the periodic part-time work of the father. The mother is forced to be a housewife, because she has no opportunity for employment, she takes care of the family and does householding. The family’s income is small, it is about 200 US dollars a month. The amount earned is not enough to support them. Therefore, their need for sponsorship is very relevant. Ilona studies in primary school. Ilona is a smart, cheerful girl who loves to study, learns everything new at school with interest and likes being with her family. Ilona needs new winter clothes, shoes, and a computer / laptop for studying, because due to constant air alarms, studying at school often takes place remotely. Your kind and loving support through sponsorship will help to improve living of Ilona, create better conditions for learning and development.
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Ilona ID:7206

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