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Ivan is studying in the 5th grade of a small village school. He is one of 6 children in the family.  4 years ago Ivan’s father tragically died. All children had a hard time surviving this event, especially Ivan, he misses his father very much. Ivan’s family lives in a remote mountain village. The village is small and there is a big problem with jobs. Before the war, people worked in the field of tourism, which began to develop, but with the beginning of the war, tourism became zero. There is no gas in the village, we heat with firewood, which is very expensive. The family’s only income is social assistance from the state – $250.  To buy firewood alone for one winter, Ivan’s family spends 500 USD. It is difficult to save money to buy things for the children, since all the money goes to the most necessary things. Ivan walks over a mile to get to the village school. The school is old and needs renovation. There is no dining room, so kids have to bring food with them.  There is also no gym in school. The school is cold, not insulated, because of which the child often gets sick. Ivan loves football very much, always follows football matches and dreams that his school has a sports hall and a football team. School’s headteacher really wants to improve living conditions for children attending. It’s the only school in the village.  We want the end of war and peace in our country.

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Ivan ID:4576

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