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Kateryna lives in a large family, where, in addition to Kateryna, there are two more children. The family lives in a city in northern Ukraine and is very poor. At the beginning of the war, dad lost his job and currently has a part-time job that is not stable due to constant rocket attacks.
When the war began, the family moved to their grandmother in the village and received the status of internally displaced persons.
Mom is on maternity leave. The family income is 250–300 dollars. Part of the funds goes to pay for utilities, school, groceries. After the birth of her youngest son, the mother’s eyesight deteriorated, and treatment is urgently required.
Mom does not have enough milk of her own for her baby, so they are forced to buy very expensive mixtures for the smallest son. Kateryna likes to go to school, she has many friends, she likes active recreation in nature and drawing. Looking forward to the end of the war. She is a kind, cheerful girl, likes animals. She rides a bike, dances, is very inquisitive, loves when her mother or sister reads fairy tales or poems. On the beginning of winter, unfortunately, there is not enough money to buy warm clothes and shoes. In order to save at least a little, family takes vegetables and fruits from a grandmother in the village, who grows them in her garden. Parents try to provide children with everything necessary and give decent upbringing, but, unfortunately, the depreciation of the currency had a very negative impact on the family income. This wonderful family really needs support

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Kateryna ID:6082

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