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Maksim was born in the central city of Ukraine, where he lived in a complete family before the beginning of the war with Russia. Because of the war, his mother had to move the family to a safer place to live because the residential building where they lived is located near the military unit, which was constantly bombed by Russian military forces.
In addition to that,  the residential building where Maksim lived with
his mother, had an electric stove instead of a gas, so during power outages they could not cook. The city, like most of Ukraine, is functioning without electricity
after the Russian raids. That is why it is impossible for Maksim to have proper nutrition.
Now Maksim and his mother live with Maxim’s grandmother in the village. It feels a bit safer there. Maxim’s father has been in the military since the beginning of the war with Russia. He is the only one person in the family who earned money before the war.
Maxim’s mother is on maternity leave. She receives approximately 22$
per month from the Ukrainian government as child support. Maxim is an active boy. He likes to play with his toys and crawl on the floor. He needs quality food and warm winter clothes.

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Maksim ID:6580

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