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Maxim has been disabled since childhood (Down Syndrome) and often gets sick, at the age of six months he underwent heart surgery, unfortunately there are problems with the way Maksym´s teeth are growing. These issues need medical attention which family cannot afford. Maxim’s disability pension is only $70 a month. Maxim father’s salary is $205.  Maxim does not have enough wholesome food, there is no access to adequate medical care. The family used to live in a small apartment on the 5th floor where the roof constantly leaked. The family did not have funds to qualitatively repair the roof, and several times they managed to make small repairs, but over time the roof started to leak again. Local government did not have funds to help either. Later this had a very bad effect on the health of the child, often there were problems with the lungs that’s why family decided to move to another house.  Maxim studies at school on an individual program, also attends a music school, began to play piano. Additionally, Max works with a speech therapist and a psychologist. Maxim likes to draw, play the piano and play games on the phone. Maxim dreams of being able to travel one day. We believe in your help for Maxim

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Maksym ID:8270

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