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My daughter’s name is Maria and she studies in the 8th grade at a local school. Our family has many children, Maria has two sisters. The village is small and there is a big problem with jobs. Before the war, people worked in the field of tourism, which began to develop, but with the beginning of the war, tourism became zero. My husband works as a janitor at a local school, earning $150 a month, which is our only income. There is no gas in the village, we heat with firewood, which is very expensive. We spend about 30 dollars on communal services. To buy firewood for one winter, you need to spend 500 dollars. It is difficult to save money to buy things for the children, since all the money goes to the most necessary things. It is 3 miles to get to the school, when winter starts the school bus stops running, as the road is very bad. Our school is old (built in 1903), in need of repair for a long time. There is no dining room, so my daughter has to eat cold sandwiches for 8 hours. There is also no gym and children have nowhere to develop their physical condition. There is no adequate computer support. The school is cold, not insulated, because of which the child often gets sick. Maria dreams of becoming a veterinarian, she really wants to help animals. She takes it very painful to perceive stories when, now during the war, not only humans but also animals find themselves under missile fire. I really want to improve living conditions for my child’s studies. We want the end of war and peace in our country.

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Maria ID:5080

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