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Maria’s family had to evacuate to central Ukraine from the south-eastern region of Ukraine where she was born and raised.  I have a younger sister (8 years old).  The war came to our town in April 2022. There were too many scary and dangerous situations to stay at our home. Bombs flew all over, we sat in basement for many days. Maria’s mom and her little sister now have to rent an apartment but her dad had to return to help his elderly parents who refused to evacuate due to their age. Maria’s sister and she are learning and studying remotely. There is no electricity every day and they can’t join online lessons frequently anymore. They have to sit in the corridor for half a day, because of air raid alerts which are now frequent even here.  Maria likes to paint most of all but all her markers and pencils she left in her hometown she has been asking for a new set. Maria wants to attend a drawing class when situation gets better, she is hoping soon… Both Maria’s parents have no jobs because of war.  Maria says thank you for your indifference to her family.

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Help Children In Ukraine

Maria ID:4833

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