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Mark is the third child in a large family with little income. Mark is an inquisitive, intelligent, cheerful boy from a small town located not far from Chernobyl nuclear power plant (sadly famous) and 40 kilometers from the border of Ukraine. His town was damaged during rocket attacks when the current war started. The family rents 1 room in a dormitory, which has an area of 15 square meters. Mark lives there with his mother, father and two sisters. His dad is a military man. His mother lost her job because of the war and is now a housewife, taking care of the family and doing household chores. Mom is a volunteer at a charity organization (they cannot afford to pay her salary now), and Mark helps mom and other volunteers in his spare time. Despite all the difficult conditions, Mark is fond of music, studies at a music school and attends English classes. With your support, he will be able to show his potential and develop his abilities in order to have a chance for self-realization and better living conditions. Your sponsorship will be an important support for Mark and his family.
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Help Children In Ukraine

Mark ID:7212

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