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Maxim lives in a large family with seven kids. His mother works and earns a minimum wage. Maxim’s father works and earns minimum wage as well.
The average monthly income of all family is $320.This amount of money includes social benefits for families with low income. Before the war with Russia Maxim’s father worked as a coach as a volunteer at a local Sports Complex. That is why all the children in the family attended this sport club (Taekwondo section).
Maxim is the youngest in the family. He attends kindergarten. Since the beginning of the war, Scorpio Sports Complex has not worked. Maxim practices taekwondo  with his father and brother at home. Maxim suffered psychological trauma from the constant sounds of air raid warnings.That is why it is difficult for him to attend kindergarten.
He hopes that one day he will become a champion like his  older brother.
Maxim needs financial support to develop his sports career and follow the footsteps of his brother, which Maxim’s his dream. This family hasn’t got their own place to live, so they are occupying the flat owned by a relative. The family is in need of clothing supply as well.
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Maxim ID:5326

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