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Hello, I’m Maxym. I speak English. My mom went to Israel when I was 5 years old, after that I had no contact with her to this day. After he left – I lived with my grandparents and father. Father and grandpa were alcohol addicted, grandma had some sort of disability, could not walk, ultimately their alcohol addiction became worse, bad things started happening and I was taken away to an orphanage, all in western Ukraine.  Many bad stories happened when I lived with grandpa and dad, I won’t tell you. Now I study a lot. I like astronomy, IT, fiction and drawing. I currently study in college as “refrigerator technician (had no choice in my current life conditions)”.  In my orphanage where I have food and place to live, but I do not have resources to go somewhere farther to study. I do like to draw different creatures, sometimes landscapes and scenes that are usually fictional, I really like to imagine alien ecospheres. I dream of studying IT.

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Maxym ID:4755

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