Melania ID:8289 ID: 8289

Melania lives with 7 family members in a in tiny one-room apartment without amenities with her mom, grandmother, grandfather, and 3 cousins: Yura (15 years old), Hlib (6 years old), Volodymyr (2.6 years old). Amenities are outside of the apartment. Melania’s mother doesn’t have money for separate housing. Melania’s father abandoned her mother when he found out that she was pregnant. He does not help the child; he is not interested in his daughter’s life. The entire income of Melania’s mom is $47 a month – a single mother’s financial help from government. Since the beginning of the war, life in the family has greatly deteriorated. This money is barely enough for the most necessary food products. Mom is studying at a vocational school, but is currently on maternity leave. Melania does not have the opportunity to attend kindergarten, to fully develop together with other children. Melania is often left with her grandmother so her mother can study and receive qualifications. Melania is a very active girl. Frequent air raid sirens force the family to stay in a bomb shelter for several hours a day. When there are power blackouts, it is cold in the apartment, Melania has to sit wrapped in a blanket by the light of a candle. The family is in dire need of funds that would allow them to buy the most necessary things for their children. They will be very grateful to everyone who can help the

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Melania ID:8289

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