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My name is Nadiya and I come from an eastern Ukrainian city. Our home is destroyed by the ongoing war, we have nowhere to return. We evacuated to another city, where we knew absolutely no one and nothing. We start all over again. Our way of departure was very dangerous and risky, but thank God we safely reached our destination after days of chaotic travel.  There were many people on the evacuation train who were fleeing war, bombs and shells. Upon arrival, we stayed for a while at a refugee shelter while we looked for an apartment. My mothers name is Victoria, she is 54. She is teacher of primary school. The father’s name is Volodymyr, he is 55. He is a builder. My parents are now unemployed.  I study in the 11th grade. I really like to acquire more knowledge as I had been a good student. I was a prize-winner of various olympiads and competitions in the Ukrainian language, Ukrainian History, and English language. I have always had and still have a thirst for learning. I finished the 9th grade at school with excellent grades. I really like to study English and computer technology.
 I successfully presented the speech “Save the Whales”; and a presentation on the protection of white whales. I plan to continue my studies at the university, studying foreign languages if my family can afford it.  I also love graphic design. I believe
that computer science is the future. And I love sports, I was engaged in kickboxing, preparing for competitions, but the war destroyed all my plans. I am very sorry that a war broke out in our country and took away so much for so many. I need help today to have more opportunities to study qualitatively and fruitfully. We study at school remotely, so this process requires a quality computer. I’m currently learning through my parents computer, which is already old. When we moved from home, we took very few things, and I need winter clothes and shoes. 
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Nadiya ID:6489

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