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Good afternoon, my name is Nastya. I’m studying in the 9th grade in a fairly big city in the northern area of Ukraine. I never left the city during the war. But it was very scary when rockets flew overhead – we had serious war actions going on in my city after the second phase of the war started in February 2022. But the first phase of the war started earlier and in 2015, my father Arkadiy defended Ukraine and died. I was 7 years old at that time. This damn war took away my dad, whom I miss so much. When my dad died in February, 2 months later my sister Albina was born, who my dad never saw. I dream of becoming a doctor and helping people. I want the war to end and peace to come throughout Ukraine. I thank you for being indifferent to other people’s grief.

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Nastya ID:5718

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