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Hello! My name is Nikita. I was born and live in the north of Ukraine, 60 km from the border with Belarus. I live with my mom because my dad left us when I was 2 years old. My mother, whom I love very much, always tries to make me happy! I study in the 2nd grade. I like to study at school. I get knowledge there. My favorite subjects are Mathematics and the Ukrainian language. I also like football and dancing. But it’s hard for us to live because of war in our country. My mother works in a store as a salesperson, trying to somehow provide for us. I want to ask you for any help for me. When the Russians invaded the country, we stayed in our native Ukraine. Every day we pray at home and in our free time we go to the Church. It is very scary when there are explosions and rockets flying, when children and our defenders die. It became difficult for us to live. I want to ask you for help, so that mom could buy me clothes, school supplies, hygiene products, food, especially medicine and vitamins. I am very grateful that there are such people like you who help in such a difficult time. Together we believe in our victory! I want to live in my country, where I was born. We pray for our country, for the victory for our defenders. I believe in your help and I thank you for it.

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Nikita ID:7426

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