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Polina has a developmental and speech delay diagnosed before the war started. She and her family had to evacuate immediately on the day the war started – February 24, 2022. They lived in a beautiful city in the north of Ukraine. Their house was at the epicenter of hostilities in our district. Just after we left the city, a rocket hit their house directly and it was gone! The family was assigned to a refugee center for a month. Then Polina moved to the south of Ukraine where the family is now. Polina after some months was finally accepted into a kindergarten, and since November she has been attending it when there are lights. Polina needs specialized training, though due to her mental and speech condition. At home she visited a speech therapist, defectologist, neuro corrector and psychologist. Now family has do financial opportunity to visit such specialists. Polina is very active and creative girl. She would really like to go to dance class as well. Family wants to return to their beloved city, but unfortunately they have no house there to go to.
Everything we had was destroyed. The family remains strong and positive and will definitely cope with everything, especially if they find additional support. Since 2014, Polina’s mother has always helped everyone who needed it. Military, migrants, wounded. Now the family is on the other side of the need divider.

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Polina ID:4869

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