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My name is Rodion. My father died on the battlefield during this war. I come from a city in central Ukraine. I study in the 6th grade. I study well, I respect my teachers. I like to play football. My favorite subjects are mathematics and history. I really like to study our Ukrainian language and songs, my favorite song is Prayer! When my dad died, I went to the first grade two weeks later, I was very lonely then and now without him, I love him very much and will never forget him. Later I understood why my dad died, then I didn’t really understand why He gave his life for Ukraine and for his family, because he loved us very much! I will miss him all my life!  When the aggressor’s invasion of Ukraine began, we stayed in our native Ukraine, then and now we pray to God for our Defenders, and it is they who protect our lives, it is a little scary! Now I understand everything, and I want to turn to you not only for help, but also to communicate with those people who help children who lost their parents in the war, who lost the most valuable thing in their lives. My mother, whom I love very much, tries to make me happy! She works in a hospital as a laboratory technician and loves her work and cares about people. I want to ask you for any kind of help, which will be very valuable and expensive for me and my mother. These are clothes and stationery. Products, especially vitamins and medicines. I am very grateful to people who help and do good deeds. Together we believe! Together we pray for our native Mother-Ukraine! I don’t want to live in another country, because I was born in Ukraine. Thank you!

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Help Children In Ukraine

Rodion ID:5771

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