Sasha ID:7705 ID: 7705

Sasha studies in the ninth grade. She will soon receive a certificate with a mark of graduation from high school, because she is studying for honors. With the beginning of the war, Sasha’s life has changed significantly, it is very important to study, since many lessons are held in a distance format, then Sasha is forced to study over the phone, which is extremely inconvenient. Sasha’s family income is 300 dollars, most of this money is spent on paying for utilities and food. Sasha also has a little sister who is three years old, so the family budget cannot provide for all of Sasha’s needs. That is why Oleksandr is asking for help. In his spare time from studies, Sasha attends a choreographic club, where he has good success, almost always performs as a soloist, he also loves football very much, Sasha spends every free moment with the ball. Sasha and his family sincerely hope for your support.

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Help Children In Ukraine

Sasha ID:7705

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