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My son’s name is Serhiy. Serhiy has a two-year-old sister. Our young family consists of 4 people. Serhiy studies in the 1st grade of a local school. We live in a small village in the mountains. There are many disadvantages in this village: there is no work, there is no asphalt on the road, there is no street lighting, the bus rarely runs, there is no mobile connection. But this is not the worst thing that happened to us. On February 24, a full-scale war began in Ukraine. Many people went abroad, but the majority of people remained in Ukraine and support her. Our family budget is $300 a month. These funds are spent on utilities, food, clothes for themselves and children. My son’s school is small. He walks 5 kilometers from school to home every day. In the morning, he goes to school by school bus, and then returns by public transport. The child eats sandwiches from morning to lunch, because there is no kitchen in the school. It is cold in the school due to the lack of autonomous heating, the premises are heated with wood stoves. The school does not have a sports ground and sports hall, interactive boards and high-quality furniture. Our children deserve better living and learning conditions. I dream that the war will end and every child on this Earth will be protected from the bullets and bombs that rain down on Ukraine every day. Thank you for reading the story of a little boy from Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!

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Serhiy ID:4977

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