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Sofia lives in a large family where, in addition to Sofia, there are three more children. Sofia’s mother does not work, taking care of her younger sister who has a disability (diabetes), and receives state social financial assistance in the amount of $65. The father left the family when Sofia was 8 years old and does not provide any help (he has not paid any alimony since the beginning of the war). Sofia is in the 8 th grade and does well at school. She is the head of the class. She is very responsible. When it is needed to inject insulin under the skin of her younger sister, Sofia can do it by herself. She also helps her mother to control the blood glucose level of her sister. Constant air raid sirens, passages of military equipment have had a negative impact on the child’s morale. Sofia dreams of becoming a doctor and curing her sister. The devaluation of the currency negatively affected the family’s living conditions. The mother cannot fully provide the child with quality food and clothes.

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Sofia ID:6953

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