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Tymofiy lives in a small community in the north of the country, not far from the border with Belarus. Tymofiy is a student of the 2nd grade at school. Because of the stress experienced since the beginning of the war, the child began to behave very anxiously, sleeps poorly at night, when the air raid sirens are on, Tymofiy begins to panic and quickly runs  to shelter. Because of difficult living conditions Tymofiy began to get sick much more often and was very worried. Tymofiy’s mother  takes care of her younger sister, who is now 1.8 years old. Dad is unemployed. Since the beginning of the war, the whole family is in a very difficult financial situation. In the beginning of the war his father lost his job, they only received social assistance for the younger sister in the amount of $23. In March, 3 weeks after the start of a full-scale war, the family was forced to leave for a safer area of our country. After returning to their hometown the family was forced to move from a rented house to an apartment with grandparents of retirement age. Tymofiy is a developed and intelligent boy who studies successfully at school. Tymofiy’s favorite subjects are Maths, Ukrainian and English. Tymofiy likes reading interesting and informative books, attends a chess club and Muay Thai boxing club. The news about the possibility of sponsorship for a child gave them optimism. They will use this opportunity to support, develop, and help Tymofiy.
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Tymofiy ID:7357

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