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Veronica lives in a large family where, in addition to her, there are three more children. Veronica’s mother does not work, taking care of Veronica who suffers from type I diabetes, first detected, glycemic control with high risk; growth retardation, mixed genesis; chronic deep caries. The mother receives state social financial assistance in the amount of $65. The father left the family when Veronica was 12 months old and does not provide any help (he has not paid any alimony since the beginning of the war).
Veronica is the youngest in the family and has been ill since she was 4 years old. She is in year 1 at school, together with her brother. She requires constant care, constant control of blood glucose, constant control of nutrition; insulin must be injected at least 4 times a day. She dreams of becoming a doctor and being cured of her disease. Constant air raid sirens, passages of military equipment have had a negative impact on the child’s morale. The devaluation of the currency negatively affected the family’s living conditions. The mother cannot fully provide the child with quality food and clothes.

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Veronica ID:6934

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