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My daughter’s name is Victoria, she is 9 years old. Our family has a low-income status, very poor. Viktoria has a younger sister. We live in a remote mountain village. The village is small, there are problems with jobs. My husband is a disabled person of the 3rd group of disabilities and I am also a disabled person of the 3rd group of disabilities. My husband works part-time and earns $85 a month. There is no gas in the village, we heat with firewood, which is very expensive. We spend $25 on utilities. A lot of money is needed for medicine, about 50 dollars. To buy firewood for the whole winter, it is necessary to pay 500 dollars. It is very difficult to save money and buy something for the children to provide them with all the necessary supplies for school. It’s 3 miles to Viktoria’s school. The school is old and in need of repair. There is no cafeteria, so my daughter eats sandwiches at school. There is also no gym, and children have nowhere to develop physical fitness. There is no appropriate computer support. The school is cold and not insulated, so the child often gets sick. Victoria dreams of becoming a lawyer to protect innocent and unknowing people. I really want to improve the conditions for my child’s education. We want the war to end and peace to reign in our country

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Help Children In Ukraine

Victoria ID:5052

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