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Vladyslav is a disabled child. When Vladyslav was 1-year-old, he was diagnosed with pakhihiria, a rare malformation of the central nervous system. Vladyslav needs medical examinations, treatment and neurosurgical intervention. When Vladyslav was three years old, he was diagnosed with epilepsy and atypical autism with frequent waves of disintegration (regression) with cognitive impairment corresponding to the degree of severe mental retardation. Vladyslav still does not speak, does not know how to adapt socially, does not understand many things, and does not always respond to addressed speech. He needs constant care, special gluten-free food, diapers as well as psychological, pedagogical and correctional assistance. Currently, the income of the father and the pension of the disabled child is $354, which is far from enough to provide medical diagnostics and treatment for this child. Vladyslav likes to play alone, he likes sensory toys, to play with balls in a dry pool. Vladyslav’s family will be very grateful for any help.

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Vladyslav ID:8187

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