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Yurchyk is an orphan child. Yurchyk is now being brought up in a foster family but he had a very difficult life path to get to foster care. Yurczyk got to the foster family all scarred. He was constantly beaten by his biological mother and her so-called friends. He was always ready to defend himself and his sisters and brothers who were in the same situation. His life began to change when he was taken to a new foster family after his bio mother was removed from her parental rights. As soon as Yurchik understood that no one would beat him, that he was under the protection of his new parents, he began to bloom like a flower. He exhaled the hard life that he had had.
He became a loving child, always ready to help his parents.
Due to the fact that no one took care of the child, Yurczyk speaks very poorly. Before the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the foster parents had started a rehabilitation course for the boy. But all plans were destroyed. Evacuation. Fear, tears, misunderstanding of what is happening. Despite all the trials, Yurczyk says: “When I grow up, I want to do good to people”

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Yurchyk ID:6118

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