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Hello, I am Zoryana. I was born in big city in south-east Ukraine, we lived there happily, I went to a ballet studio and dreamed of entering a music school by February 2022. At the beginning of the war, there was heavy bombing and after 5 days of sitting in a cold concrete shelter, my mother, my 3 brothers, my sister and I had to leave everything and run away. First, we went to my mother’s friend, outside the city. We had to hide and leave again, because they were destroying and bombing everything there. After 3 days of travel, we finally reached a remote mountain village that became our home. There we had an old small house, it was abandoned before we came. My family had to start all over there. My Mom lost her job and my father had left us when I had been just born and didn’t show up to help us even when the war started. We started growing vegetables and collecting berries ourselves. My Mom made herbal tea and jams and sold them. Now the winter came. We all had to move to one room, because we can afford to heat only one room. We sleep on the floor on the mattresses. My mom put all the blankets on the walls and the floor of this room, still it is very cold. I dream to have my own bed with nice rosy blanket, a desk and a lamp to study. I dream to have a warm house. I hope we can fix the floor and not to be scared of the sounds of the wind blowing out of it every night. I want to get warm. I hope when the spring comes, the war will end and we all be safe.

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Zoryana ID:5060

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