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Hello! I am Zlata. I come from a fairly large city in the center of Ukraine but in my native city it is dangerous to live now, because of the war, that is why we had to evacuate. My father died in the first phase of the war with russia in 2015. I was 1 year old then. As I was getting older I have helped volunteer organizations to weave camouflage nets, cook food, and draw postcards for our Defenders fighting at war. I am still standing at my Ukrainian school online. I like drawing and reading. My favorite subjects are Ukrainian language\literature, History and Art. And also I am studying foreign languages: English, French and Italian. I need a device such as a computer or laptop for better on-line studying. It is hard to be far from my home. I wish that the war will end as soon as possible and there will be peace in the whole world.

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Help Children In Ukraine

Zlata ID:5722

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